Thursday, 22 June 2017

Slinky Maliki

 Slinki malinki was blacker than black. He had bright yellow eyes and he liked to stalk and lurk and steal things during the night. He stole some sausages and balloons.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Museum trip

On Thursday team 2 went to the museum for a trip. We went inside the museum. Inside the museum there was a volcano and dinosaurs bones. Miss szymanik and I were looking at the dinosaur bones it was enormous We take a photo. Next we saw a bear, an elephant and a tree house. We went inside the tree house. There was a ladder on it. We went out again. We saw a vol cano. Room. We went inside the house. We saw a TV was on and the house shook and the light switched on and off.we went out of the house. Next we saw a bike and it looked old. We learned about Mataiki the seven stars and the ta moko. I did a kiwi it looked cool. It looked like a tattoo.Whaea Jo told us a story and it was funny! We went downstairs and we went to eat lunch. After that we went back to school on the bus.
It was fun because it was cool at the museum.